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Cambridge Family Health
Natural Solutions For A Better Life

At Cambridge Family Health, we understand the components needed to create healthy and happy lives. With over thirty years of training in the natural healing arts, and twenty years of daily clinical applications, we can confidently help guide you in your health pursuits.

For physical ailments, Alex and Dr. Mark offer various forms of bodywork, including massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, craniosacral therapy, homeopathic and herbal essential oil administration, neuromuscular reeducation, adhesive release techniques, and healing-hand qi gong therapies. We also identify and teach specific stretching, movement and strengthening exercises tailored to your individual needs. When physical ailments are possibly being caused by an underlying condition, Dr. Mark will request laboratory evaluation and/or diagnostic imaging like x-ray, CTscan, MRI, ultrasound, or thermography.
For traumatic conditions such as automobile injury, sports injury, falls, or unexpected events arising from physical activities, we offer a tremendous coordination of therapies to speed the healing process. Our combined therapies reduce inflammation, spasm and pain, assist healthy blood flow to and from the traumatized tissues, and rapidly enhance the rate of recovery.
For biochemical ailments, we do in-depth analyses of the underlying imbalances in the body which are creating the symptoms being expressed. Dr. McCarthy has been studying and applying the art and science of clinical kinesiology since 1987. This system affords the opportunity to interact with the wisdom databanks of the body - basically, a way to gather information in a non-invasive method. Laboratory analyses can yield a great deal of information about the biochemical health of the individual. Lab results are explained by Dr. McCarthy, and recommended when needed.
It is incredible how few safe places there are for people to unload the accumulations of life. All of us were taught a lot of things in school - a lot of information - but most of us were taught very little about how to process our emotions, how to allow ourselves to have healthy self-images and belief systems, how to not be paralyzed by fear of injury for speaking our truths. We all need places to go; we all need to be contributing members to, and recipients of the kinds of benefits that come with establishing intentional community. At Cambridge Family Health we offer ourselves to be present in listening to what people have to say about the suffering they are experiencing in life. We extend ourselves compassionately with silent focus, words, and compassionate healing touch.


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