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Cambridge Family Health
Natural Solutions For A Better Life

About Us

Cambridge Family Health, P.C., provides comprehensive natural healthcare services, products, and information to the public.

For those who cannot travel to the clinic, Dr. McCarthy is available for telephone and online consultations.
Consultation charges are based on the complexity of the condition and the length of time consulting.

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     Dr. Mark has been studying natural healthcare for over 30 years, and has been providing natural healthcare services for over 20 years in Minnesota. He utilizes natural elements such as organic herbs, essential oils, nutrients, homeopathics and flower essences in helping people regain health. He also provides chiropractic and hands-on soft-tissue and energetic healing modalities. Dr. Mark uses clinical kinesiology to gather information and make recommendations.  He also provides online consultations for those who cannot travel to the clinic.

   Alexandra Baber has been providing incredible therapeutic massage sessions for the past fifteen years. When you walk into her therapeutic room, you are met by the sound of gentle flowing water, beautiful scenes, the sweet essences of oils, and tranquil music. In no time at all, you feel yourself letting go of all the accumulations you’ve been carrying without awareness. You find yourself breathing easier and your muscles relaxing deeply as you release patterns that have been bound.

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